Acadia Gin

Introducing Acadia Gin, formerly known as Summer Gin. Coming May 25, 2024.

Whether it’s sharing conversations over drinks or exploring the rich history of our native land, our creations are fueled by the threads that connect us. One of North America’s only indigenous fruits, wild Maine blueberries stand out for their distinctive flavor and abundance. They have naturally adapted to Maine’s unique climate and cover the coast of Acadia National Park. One sip of Acadia Gin connects a short path between you and the majestic taste of Maine.
Unfiltered for elevated flavor.
Acadia Gin was inspired by the wild juniper and blueberries that line the coast of Acadia National Park in Maine. Co-Founders Jackson and Zack are from Mount Dessert Island, and this spirit captures the essence of summers they enjoyed growing up on the island.
How it’s made
Acadia Gin is first crafted using a blend of Juniper, orris root, coriander, lemongrass, lavender, and eucalyptus. Sound familiar? These are most of the same botanicals found in our flagship Gin. The difference is that we dial back the amount of lavender and eucalyptus used, and creating a less floral result. We also add orris root to help bring out the blueberry notes. We then soak wild Maine blueberries into the gin for 10 days, remove the blueberries and proof the spirit. Voila, Acadia Gin is here!

Support Local
The wild Maine blueberries used to make Summer Gin are sourced from Blue Sky Produce, who pick their blueberries from 8 different small growers around Maine. As Blue Sky quotes, “supporting small growers enables them to stay in business and to continue being good stewards of their land.”

Why is there sediment in my bottle?
We do not chill-filter any of our spirits. This means they have the full flavor and mouthfeel of their class. As a result, Acadia Gin will occasionally exude a cloudy or hazy appearance, or sediment may be visible. Have no fear, this is completely natural.

Where to find it
Purchase bottles through our online shop or look for it at one of the many liquor stores we partner with throughout Massachusetts. Orders placed through our online shop can be picked up anytime within regular business hours. Unfortunately we’re unable to ship spirits at this time.

This was previously a seasonal spirit but is now available year-round.

Release Date
May 25, 2024

Cocktail Recipes
Let’s Drink!

Raspberry Lime Rickey
• 2oz Short Path Distillery Acadia Gin
• 3/4oz Lime
• 1oz Raspberry Syrup
• Fever Tree Club Soda Topper

Add Acadia Gin, lime, and raspberry syrup into a shaker filled with ice and shake. Strain into a Collins glass filled with ice and top with club soda. Stir to incorporate ingredients and garnish with skewered raspberries.

Summer G&T
• 2oz Short Path Distillery Acadia Gin
• 4 Thyme Sprigs
• Fever Tree Tonic Water or Aromatic Tonic Water Topper

Add Acadia Gin into a Collins glass and lightly muddle thyme sprigs into the spirit. Add ice, top with tonic water and stir to incorporate ingredients. Garnish with a lime wedge.

• 1oz Short Path Distillery Acadia Gin
• 1oz Campari or Short Path Distillery Summer Amaro
• 1oz Sweet Vermouth

Stir all the ingredients over ice, then strain into a rocks glass filled with one large ice cube. Express an orange peel over the drink, then drop it into the glass.

Availability: Year-Round
Volume: 200 and 750ml
ABV: 43%
Proof: 86
Bird: Black-capped Chickadee


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