We’re three friends captivated by the social characteristics of alcohol, passionate about building things from the ground up, and fascinated by the complex technicalities of distilling. We have a passion for quality and a desire to create something new and exciting; starting a craft distillery was the natural way to combine those interests.

Zachary In the Spring of 2010 Zachary travelled to Normandy and visited Chateau d’Englequeville. Standing in the barn of the chateau and tasting different Calvados and Pommeau Zachary knew then and there he would become a distiller.

Zachary sports a chemistry background, with a masters in organic chemistry from Northeastern University. He worked for several years in the pharmaceutical industry doing research, but Zachary prefered to put his chemistry skills to something that was more fulfilling.

Jackson Growing up surrounded by the rugged and untamed beauty of Acadia on the Maine coast, Jackson has always been fascinated with and inspired by the natural world around him — whether building a camping platform twenty feet up in the air on the trunk of a massive pine tree, building a hand-operated pump to bring water to a cabin deep in the Maine woods, or using local apples and yeast to create hard apple cider. Jackson pursued that passion at Tufts University, earning a Master’s degree in civil engineering that enables him to work on balancing the forces of nature with the built environment. Upon hearing his friend Zachary’s stories about distilling and the spirits he has tasted in France, Jackson decided he wanted to put his engineering skills to work researching and designing a still that could produce the spirits Zachary had envisioned — and he began to be inspired by nature in a new way: as a source of remarkable flavors for spirits. All along the way, he’s drawn on what growing up on Mount Desert Island taught him about the importance of community, supporting the local economy, and building local relationships.

Matt Like many people, Matt’s interest in alcohol was born in college, where he found it remarkable how much of an impact a beverage could have in various aspects of peoples’ lives. It is alcohol’s place in a social context that Matt found to be the most fascinating with the realization that when used responsibly, alcohol can help facilitate people having a good time.

Matt’s interest in alcohol, and specifically spirits was solidified indirectly by his wife, Natalie, a dual French-American citizen whose paternal side of the family originates in the southwest of France, just outside of Cognac and Bordeaux. Much of Natalie’s family there is involved in the art of growing grapes, making wine and distilling Cognac. Since 2006, Matt has visited France regularly, each time having the privilege of experiencing both batch and large scale distillation processes all the way from grape to bottle.