For all you plant geeks out there, Rosid is the subclass of angiosperms to which the hibiscus flower belongs. Rosid was inspired by one of our most popular fall cocktails, the Hibiscus Rush. We love how the sharp floral and citrus flavors of hibiscus and lemon complimented the round earthy character of our white rum. To turn a cocktail into a spirit, we start with our standard flagship white rum recipe, which is redistilled with lemon peel. As we proof this down to 35% abv, we add sweetened hibiscus tea to give the spirit a deep burgundy hue and enhance the body.

Rosid sips with a subtly sweet earthy flavor finishing with hints of citrus and black cherry. Consider cellaring a bottle for 2-4 months depending on your personal preference: as the flavors mellow over time, the citrus flavors will enhance and rise in the flavor profile. During taste testing, we found great success keeping things simple. Rosid works great on the rocks with an ice cube, or mix it with sparkling water over ice for a simple late summer treat that couldn’t be simpler to make. For the more adventurous, suggested complimentary flavors include rhubarb, orange, ginger, honey, and vanilla.

Availability: Year-round
Volume: 375ml & 750ml
ABV: 35
Proof: 70
Bird: Cardinal


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