Our commitment to supporting local runs deep. From where we source our ingredients and supplies to the impact our environment has on our spirits, a true taste of New England is found in each and every one of our bottles.


In 2021, we supported 20 acres of local farms through our whiskey production alone. Northeast grains provide our whiskeys with an exclusive taste that represents our unique, ever changing environment.


We support small and local whenever possible to help sustain and grow our local economy. Not only does this include producers of key ingredients, but also key partners; from our cooper to our label printer.


The seasons of New England have a deep impact on the inspiration and taste of our spirits. Our barrel house is located in Everett, MA, where we experience hot humid summers and freezing winters. This special climate influences the taste, scent, and overall characteristics of our barrel aged spirits


Staying connected to our community is a vital part of our business. We operate a bar and tours out of our distillery, and have forged close knit relationships with restaurants, bars and package stores within the area. These powerful alliances help shift and shape our growing product line.

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Valley Malt, Hadley, MA

Adirondack Barrel Cooperage, Remsen, NY

Blue Sky Produce, Scarborough, ME

New England Apple Products, Leominster, MA

Mountain Rose Herbs, Eugene, OR

Merrimack Valley Apiaries, Billerica, MA

K Sidrane, Farmingdale, NY

New England Label, Andover, MA

International Molasses, Saddle Brook, NJ