Alycia Rovner

Chief Operating Officer

With 15+ years of senior marketing experience in the food & beverage, media, and entertainment industries, Alycia has a deep understanding of how to connect brands to people. Alycia spent many years on the agency side of sales & marketing, representing a diverse set of well-known brands such as The New York Times, Honda, and DraftKings. She eventually decided to apply her talents towards a brand she was more passionate about, and made the leap to Short Path.

Alycia is an innovative, sharp, resourceful visionary unafraid to take risks and step outside boxes. She’s a go getter who doesn’t stop until an answer is uncovered or a solution is found. Most importantly, her authentic approach to leadership enables her to connect with and understand people with ease.

As our Chief Operating Officer, Alycia leads the charge in designing and implementing business operations.

Fun Fact
When you were 5, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Melissa Etheridge. There’s still time.

Brian Buongiovanni

Sales Manager

A veteran in the beverage sales industry, Brian brings 15+ years of boozy experience to Short Path.

Brian is packed with exposure on both sides of liquor sales distribution. Early in his career he managed a liquor store; gaining direct experience with both suppliers and consumers. He later moved into distribution sales at the Sheehan Family Companies where his skills led him to the promotion of Bristol County Off Premise Supervisor.

Brian is the face behind Short Path. Catch him if you can! He spends his days traversing the Commonwealth visiting spirits buyers and accounts around the state. Whether it’s rolling out a new product to existing accounts or knocking on new doors, Brian is constantly collaborating with our wholesale partners to find new and interesting ways to bring Short Path to your favorite bars and retail stores.

Brian truly enjoys interacting with people… and it shows. Every corner of the state, every account, every customer base has their own unique traits and personalities. He loves finding ways to connect with folks and build lasting partnerships. He’s a true salesperson; he listens, communicates, is a driven go-getter, and forges authentic relationships.

When he’s not on the road, you can find him playing music or going to live shows. He’s a whiskey drinker who lives by the motto, “never be that guy”.

Fun Fact
I was once cut off in a bar for admitting to owning a copy of Biodome on DVD.

Jeff Amellin

Bar Manager & Distiller

What doesn’t Jeff do at Short Path?! As Bar Manager and Distiller, Jeff splits his time between ensuring that the cocktail bar runs smoothly and distilling spirits.

Jeff sports a background in soccer refereeing and retail management. He most recently managed a boutique liquor store which ignited his passion for spirits. With a knack for hospitality and a strong willingness to learn, he’s seamlessly transitioned into key roles at Short Path with ease.

Jeff’s natural ability to connect with all folks and treat them with respect and kindness is what sets him apart as a successful leader. He’s a smart, hardworking team-oriented collaborator who would give you the Short Path shirt off of his back.

Outside of work, Jeff is a Soccer enthusiast, low-abv cocktail connoisseur, and Pokemon superfan. He even has a Pikachu buckled into the backseat of his car at this very moment.

Fun Fact
What’s your favorite Short Path spirit?
Autumn Gin! It makes my absolute favorite seasonal Negroni.