Migration Series

Be prepared to change the way you think about spirits. Our Migration Series allows members to follow and taste a spirit as it migrates through different subsequent barrels. Through its migration, the spirit is expected to change in color, scent, and taste as it picks up new characteristics from unique barrels. Members can pick up bottles as they’re released from their latest barrel stop every few months, or wait to pick up a complete set at the end of the migration.

How does it work? Sign up for our annual migration series once it’s released for the following year. Our current series is Apple Brandy and sets are available now!

You’ll receive 4 bottles total

We’ll release 1 bottle every 4 months

Private release party hosted for each release

Apple Brandy Migration Path & Release Dates

Fresh Oak Barrel Aged… December, 2022 (just in time for the holidays)

Fresh Oak & Whiskey Barrel Aged… April, 2023

Fresh Oak, Whiskey, & Gin Barrel Aged… August, 2023

Fresh Oak, Whiskey, Gin, & Summer Reserved Barrel Aged… December, 2023