Short Path Distillery was founded in Everett, Massachusetts in the summer of 2015. We opened our doors with just two signature spirits, and have since crafted more than 25 spirits that showcase our unique approach to spirit development and commitment to quality and community.


High Quality Ingredients
Our logic is that organic ingredients produce high quality spirits. And all of our spirits are handcrafted in small  batches to ensure consistency and character.

Scientific Approach
By combining complementary flavor compounds and understanding how they interact, we’re able to create unique and exciting flavor profiles that stand out in a crowd.

Old World Distilling
Traditional direct fired copper pot stills also impart a unique flavor within all of our spirits. They’re rich, flavorful, and break the mold without reinventing the wheel.

“Short path distillation” is a technical name used in the scientific community for the type of distilling done in a pot still. The shorter the path between where the wash evaporates and where it condenses, the more flavorful and complex the distillate.

A “short path” also represents our commitment to sourcing local ingredients as much as possible, and maintaining a strong connection to our community.