Short Path Distillery is three friends who are dedicated to changing the way people think about spirits.

By combining old-world distilling techniques with a new-world, chemistry-based approach to spirit development, we’re marrying the art of distilling with the science of taste — and creating unique spirits that represent the best of both worlds. We’re using locally sourced and organic ingredients wherever possible to reflect our commitment to our community and our customers. And we’re handcrafting our spirits in small batches to deliver an engaging experience that starts conversations.

We believe in making connections: connecting with our community, connecting with our customers, connecting with the world around us, and connecting distilling’s past with its future. Boston’s rich history and its embrace of innovation serve as inspiration for our products.

We also value the connections that the right spirit can provide — whether it’s reminiscing with old friends and your favorite bottle, sharing a cocktail with someone you want to get to know better, front-porch sipping on a summer afternoon, or however you choose to enjoy our spirits.

Why Short Path Distillery?

“Short path distillation” is a technical name used in the scientific community for the type of distilling done in a pot still. The shorter the path between where the wash evaporates and where it condenses, the more flavorful and complex the distillate.

A “short path” also represents our commitment to connecting with our local community: the shorter the path your spirits take between where they’re made and where they’re consumed, the more rewarding your drinking experience will be.