No Man’s Hands Whiskey

This year we embarked upon a journey to create something that had never been made before: No Man’s Hands Whiskey, a single malt whiskey made exclusively by women and non-binary folks from grain to glass.

It started with a 2-row Pilsner grain called Violetta, grown by Rachel McDermott at Dancing Grain Farm in New York. The grain was sent to Valley Malt where it was malted by Andera, Margot, and Sheila. From there, the grain traveled to Short Path and we made the magic happen.

Our team mashed, fermented, twice distilled, barreled, debarreled, proofed, bottled, and labeled the spirit by hand. This was a whiskey made with loads of passion, ambition, and strength.

A huge shout out to our friends at The Pink Boots Society, who helped us with this project. 5% of proceeds will be donated to Pink Boots, who aims to assist, inspire, and encourage women and non-binary individuals in the alcoholic beverage industry.

Availability: Available
Volume: 750ml
ABV: 45%
Proof: 90