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Full Moon Magic & Meditation

February 23 @ 6:00 pm


Join Molly on the day of the Full Moon in VIRGO and experience Living with the Moon! During This Month’s Full Moon Magic Experience, we will make magical talismans while we embark on a journey through the mystical and ever-changing lunar cycles.

The moon, with its powerful influence on our planet and our lives, has been a source of fascination and inspiration for generations. Through a combination of using sing singing bowls, chanting, tarot and oracle cards, journaling/writing, visualization, and meditation we will explore:

**1. Moon Phases and Their Meanings:** 💫 Explore the eight primary phases of the moon, from the New Moon to the Full Moon, and everything in between. 💫 Understand the symbolism and significance of each moon phase. 💫Learn how the moon’s cycles affect nature, tides, and human behavior.

**2. Full Moon Magic:** 💫 Dive into the enchanting world of full moons and their magical properties. 💫Discover rituals, spells, and practices associated with the full moon for healing, manifestation, and release. 💫 Explore the connection between the full moon and heightened intuition.

**3. New Moon Magic:** 💫 Explore the power of new beginnings and fresh starts during the New Moon phase. 💫 Learn how to set intentions, create vision boards, and perform rituals to manifest your desires. 💫 Understand the importance of self-reflection and setting intentions for personal growth.

**4. Lunar Influence on Zodiac Signs:** 💫 Investigate how the moon’s position in the zodiac affects our emotions and behaviors. 💫 Explore the twelve zodiac signs and their lunar counterparts, uncovering how they influence our personalities and reactions. 💫 Gain insights into how to work with your moon sign for personal development.

**5. The Magic of Eclipses:** 💫 Demystify solar and lunar eclipses and their significance in astrology and spiritual practices. 💫 Learn about the effects of eclipses on your life and personal growth. 💫 Explore eclipse rituals and ways to harness their transformative energy.

**6. Moon Manifestation:** 💫 Discover the art of using lunar energy to manifest your desires and goals. 💫 Learn techniques for creating moon journals, setting clear intentions, and tracking your progress. 💫 Understand the importance of patience and alignment with the moon’s cycles in successful manifestation.

**6. VIRGO Full Moon Manifestation Practice: Magical Talisman** 💫 Choose from a variety of talismans provided. 💫 Learn techniques for cleansing and consecrating. 💫 Explore ways of activation for talismans.

**** Guests will have the opportunity to engage with the material, share experiences, and receive guidance on incorporating lunar wisdom into their daily lives. By the end of this experience, you will have a deeper connection with the moon’s energy and the tools to live in harmony with its cycles. Each Moon Magic Experience will be different and unique, catering to the theme/Energy of the Full Moon itself, If you have been to one in the past feel free to join again. Join me on a mystical journey to “Live with the Moon” and unlock the secrets of this celestial companion for personal growth and transformation. Please feel free to message me with any questions or email me at queenofcupsapothecary@gmail.com


February 23
6:00 pm
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Short Path Distillery
71 Kelvin Street
Everett, MA 02149
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