Gilded Grove

Inspired by the success of our Triple Sec, we’re taking our orange game to the next level with Gilded Grove, a full strength barrel-aged orange liquor. We start by distilling the same combination of orange peel and bitter orange peel we use for our Triple Sec. Instead of sweetening and proofing the liquor to make Triple Sec, the liquor is transferred to SPD rum barrels for three months. As the spirit ages, the orange base mellows and melds with oak tannins to create a flavor profile that journeys from orange and molasses sweetness to savory oak spices, all without the need for any added sugar.

Gilded Grove leads with a charmingly sweet aroma of orange blossom laced with vanilla. As it crosses the palate a soft barrel-aged complexity presents itself and subsides to a subtly sweet Caribbean finish. The barreled flavors aren’t overly assertive on this one: we kept coming back to descriptors like “relaxed” and “laid-back” during tasting sessions. This spirit works great substituted for Triple Sec in simple cocktails where the spirit’s complexity can shine through, but we prefer to enjoy this one straight up or neat. Put your feet up in front of the fireplace, toss a few rocks into your glass, and enjoy!

Availability: Sold Out
Volume: 375 ml
ABV: 40
Proof: 80