Pitcher Patio

Here’s what you can expect at the Short Path Pitcher Patio:
• Table service on our outdoor patio only
• Heat lamps by each table
• A variety of half and full sized cocktail pitchers
• Pizza (by the slice or whole), and salad

Table Options
• Covered Patio: A table on our patio which is underneath a covered awning with plastic sidewalls and some open air for ventilation.
• Outdoor Patio: A table on our patio without any covering or walls.
We provide heat lamps for ALL tables, regardless of whether you’re covered or not.

Pitcher Patio Hours
• Thursdays: 5-9:30pm
• Fridays: 3-9:30pm
• Saturdays: 12-9:30pm
• Sundays: 1-8pm


Why pitchers?
Good question!
• Safety! Shaking, stirring, and building cocktails takes A LOT of work. By building one pitcher for several guests at a time instead of making individual cocktails, we can limit our physical interaction with your drinks.
• Speaking of physical interaction, you can pour your own cocktails too! We’ll place your ordered pitchers on your table for you and your guests to serve yourselves. It’s not that we don’t want to serve you, we just want to limit our interaction for health and safety reasons.
• Servers can minimize time spent at tables with guests, which is a requirement mandated by the state. We really, really want to be able to spend more time with you, but again, SAFETY!

So, no single cocktails or flights available at this time.

If you’re considering making a reservation, we ask that you please carefully review the following guidelines in advance:
• Service is limited to our outdoor patio area only. No indoor seating is permitted at this time.
• Due to limited capacity, reservations are strongly recommended. Walk-in availability is limited. 
• A reservation will be considered a no-show if its party does not show up within 10 minutes of its start time.
• Reservations are available for a maximum of 90 minutes and are limited to parties of 10 guests or less. Please respect the time limit so that our staff has ample time to clean and sanitizer the space properly. 
• You may only reserve one table, one 90-minute reservation per day.
• Credit card information is required for parties of 7 or more guests. If these parties cancel day of their reservation, they will be charged a $50 cancellation fee.
• Guests are not permitted to move tables or yell out to surrounding tables.
• Patio service is rain or shine.
• 20% gratuity will be added to each check.
• We will update reservation availability each Monday for the following weekend.
• Guests must remain seated at all times. Masks are required on the property except when seated at assigned tables.
• Please maintain a 6 ft. distance between other guests and staff.
• Children are allowed but they do count against your party limit.
• Dogs are allowed as always!
• Outside food is no longer allowed onsite.

Ready to book a reservation?!

For questions on reservations, please contact us at: reservations@shortpathdistillery.com. Please keep in mind that we’re opening reservations each Monday for the following weekend.

Thursday 5-9:30pm

Friday 3-9:30pm

Saturday 12-9:30pm

Sunday 1-8pm