Dan Mitchell


Dan carries 10+ years of experience in warehouse and events management. From large-scale audio setups to manufacturing and freight handling, Dan has excelled in every venture he’s taken on and always leads with a diligent work approach.

Dan is hardworking, energetic, and an outstanding multitasker. His determination, intelligence, and close attention to detail make him an incredible asset to our team.

Dan began his journey with Short Path as a Production Assistant where he helped with daily production tasks and learned the art of craft distilling. Now a full-time Distiller, Dan manages all manufacturing components, from mashing and distilling to proofing, bottling, and labeling. And he always ends his day with a double Gin & Tonic, because he deserves it.

Fun Fact
If you could invent a holiday, what would it be and why?
Frank’s Day, a day where you celebrate hot sauce because I put that shizz on everything.

Alycia Rovner

Director of Marketing

With 14+ years of experience creating and executing customized marketing campaigns, Alycia has a deep understanding of how to connect brands to people through memorable experiences. Alycia spent many years on the agency side of marketing, representing a diverse set of well-known brands such as The New York Times, Honda, and DraftKings. She eventually decided to apply her talents towards a brand she was more passionate about, and made the leap to Short Path.

Alycia is an innovative, sharp, resourceful creative. She’s a go getter who doesn’t stop until an answer is uncovered or a solution is found. Most importantly, her authentic approach to marketing enables her to connect with and understand people with ease.

As our Director of Marketing, Alycia leads the charge in establishing and growing our brand presence, managing our social accounts, and creating unique events that connect our community to our spirits. 

Fun Fact
When you were 5, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Melissa Etheridge. There’s still time.

Jessica Solomon

Director of Sales

Jess is a hospitality veteran who has been working in bars in restaurants since she was 15. Bussing and serving eventually lead her to bartending, where she spent 8 years behind the bar crafting her talents. She’s had the privilege of working with some of Boston’s most prestigious bar teams, including Felipe’s, Yvonne’s, Citizen Public, and Brick and Mortar. After years of late nights, Jess stepped off the bar to implement her dynamic spirits knowledge towards liquor sales.

Jess is a well-versed spirits enthusiast who understands all facets of our ever-changing industry. She’s a savvy professional who leads with a determined and positive approach. Above all, she develops solid, meaningful relationships which support help support our essential connection to our community.

As Director of Sales, Jess spends most of her time managing our distribution accounts. She works with liquor stores to help them better understand our products, and with bartenders and bar managers to create cocktails using our spirits. You might also find her leading a mixology class or educational event since she’s the unofficial face of Short Path!

Fun Fact
What’s your personal motto?
Blame it on the juice.