Village Fest In The News

November 4, 2016

As anyone who made it out to for Village Fest last month knows, we had a great time co hosting the event with our Fermentation District neighbors and the City of Everett. If you missed this year’s event, there was a nice recap from the local paper to whet your appetite for next year:

Everett Independent – Village Fest A Hit Inside and Outside the City

For the breweries and distillery, the crowds (officially targeted at about 5,400 though more were certainly present during the Eve 6 show) kept them busy all day and helped to promote a sense of community and discovery in new territory.

“It was so amazing to see the Everett community gather in the Fermentation District for some incredible food, music and beverages,” said Matthew Kurtzman of Short Path. “We feel very lucky to have been part of this great event, and can’t wait for Village Fest 2017.”